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VanessaBeads on
Vanessa Beckmon
Oregon City

Individuals who create with beads know how addictive they are, and I have been hooked ever since my mother bought me my first seed beads at a Pow Wow in the Northwestern United States. The colors catch your eye, then the textures, and the shapes. The beads start to get mixed together, your eye catches a pattern, an idea begins to form and you run with it! Somehow the beads fit together and flow into patterns and create rhythms. Colors fade into, and out of, each other. With only a little effort you can find that just right bead to fit in the empty spot on your canvas that is begging for a touch of color. A single bead can draw your eye to it then hundreds more diffuse into the other areas of a design. I find that when I bead, small areas are created that can be filled with smaller beads. One color can, with the help of the right bead, blend into any other color.

Aside from colors, textures and the beads themselves much of my beadwork is inspired by science. Most of my academic education is in the sciences, microbiology in particular. In my work as a medical technologist I think about microbes and molecules, how they interact, and how they might look if we could see them without the aid of a microscope. Microbial ecology and the idea that a considerably small environment can contain equally considerable diversity, to me invites the beads themselves to explore that environment visually.


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